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Light Reminder #105- Facing Fear and Asking with Humility!

When i think back on an adventurous moment, specifically jumping off a cliff into the water. I had guide.  I was so excited and nervous about the whole experience.  I even showed my mom that the jump wasn't that bad and she seen for herself and instead of just watching the entire time she took a chance a jumped too. When people see you having fun or take risks even when you're nervous and afraid it can set a spark off in them to want to join as well. Now there were two parts where I was hesitant. The first was when i was attempting to crawl through this little hole through the waterfall.  I got all the way through the hole and tried and came back out the way I went it. Some things just aren't for everyone at specific times or in your life time. Plus I really didn't come to do that part. I just wanted to jump. Now there was the last jump and I just couldn't  find the strength to jump alone. The guide gave the instructions, gave me a pep talk and set me up. I even had on a life jack as you can see ( i can swim in a pool, but i know what moving water feels like especially when you're jumping in, it takes a little longer to gloat back up to the surface. I was take the shortcut and it's aye-okay to have a little

safety lol ).

So the guide who was so cool and pretty much an expert and fearless as you can see instructed me to jump only in a certain area and then swim in a certain direction. My mind was on instruction overload, adrenaline pumping and nervousness. Reflecting back on that last jump makes me think about fear and how we can work ourselves up and stop ourselves from doing something that's once in a life time (a business adventure, a healing, detaching/separating from a person/place or thing, love, a career change, travel etc.) I wanted to follow through because I had talked myself out of climbing through the whole. I wanted to redeem myself. It wasn't about my ego  but about faith and defeating fear. So I had a whole talk with the tour guide and then I just said if you hold my hand I'll jump and he said make sure you jump with me at the same time. I said okay; I will and just like that I had faith and took that jump. It's like with God you know he's there watching and guiding you and giving instructions. Sometimes it can be a lot and he knows it, but he's routing for you. We just gotta ask God to hold our hand and just like that we should know he already took a hold and he'll walk, run, jump or fly when you do. In some cases he'll send a sister, brother, friend, stranger, mentor, god-parent, parent, etc. to hold your hand in reality and in the spirit he's connecting you two. God will always hold your hand and you're never experiencing an adventure alone. Moral of the story; God will hold your hand, carry you, and push you along your journey if you only have the humility to ask.

With Love and Light,

Ashari Wallace

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