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Light Reminder- 104 Prevention and Education

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

There are so many different ways to advocate for social issues in the nation and across the globe. Every day is Sexual Assault Awareness. Prevention and Education can take place in your home by talking with your family, with your friends, in the workplace through trainings, even by having dialogue with one other person. As long as God gives me the spirit of being open for people to express their truth and experience I know that my experience was not in vain. #lightreminders #104 awareness #prevention and #education starts with you and is every day. Purchasing a copy of From the Dark Shadows to a Vibrant Light: Poems for the Victims and Survivors is easy; just click the link in my bio or go to or go to and type in the name of the book title. There may be someone you would like to share this book with to see that there is hope for healing.

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