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Ashari P. Wallace and is an Associate Clinical Social Work and has worked as a school-based clinical therapist for grades k-12th (and some TAY) for the past five years. She has worked with kids in different roles over the past 14 years. Her favorite population to work with is TAY and young adults up to age 34. 


Ashari is a survivor and advocate for anti-sexual assault/sexual assault awareness. She is the founder of the nonprofit From Victim TOO Survivor. Ashari is the author of two published books; the first book is From The Dark Shadows To a Vibrant Light: Poems for the victims and survivors and the second book is Perpetual Radiance 31-Day-Devotional (both available on Amazon). Ashari has been a mentor with the One2One MSW mentor program for Simmons University since 2017.  


Ashari previously worked as a school-based clinical therapist for a various non-profits and gained an immense amount of experiences working with children and their families of various backgrounds. Ashari currently works as an Academic Advisor for the Social Work MSW program (SW@S) at Simmons University (her alma mater). She has been excited and honored to come back on the other side and help those in the MSW program matriculate through the program.  She is thankful to have been able to participate and stay close to the Simmons community through other volunteer opportunities (One2One mentoring program as well as being a Simmons Ambassador and participating in webinars for admitted and perspective students) over the years since graduating.

One of her main goals out of life is to help young people (specifically young girls and women) realize their strengths and resiliency through previous and present adversities while helping them continue to succeed in life. These are some of her roles in the world and she is also so much more!

Fun facts: She enjoys swimming, going to the movies, traveling and she has been to all three of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Also, she studied abroad at the University of the Virgin Islands (St. Croix Campus). 

Believe survivors

Author of From the Dark Shadows to a Vibrant Light: Poems for the Victims and Survivors


Amazon reader review" "This book was enlightening, uplifting and encouraging. I pray it helps others. Keep looking toward the light. The best is yet to come."

Ashari reminds herself and states that...


I am black girl magic!

I am a survivor and a victor 


Ashari asks and responds...


What does a sexual assault survivor/victor truly look like?

I bet I never crossed your mind  


Statistics say...


"1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives"- @NSVRC 


Ashari responds...


My experiences do not define me because ...  

I am changing my narrativeI will NOT sit in shame, defeat, guilt, anger, vengeancenor sadness. Those experiences were just expected storms that God has been preparing me for my entire life which made way for a rebuilding. I am renewed by the Lord my God! I am perfect in the LORD :)

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